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Winter Wonderland…

By January 9, 2018 No Comments

Winter Wonderland…

A cold snap pre Christmas gave me the opportunity to capture an image that I’ve had in my mind for quite a while now. Our local pond has never looked so good and my cold feet weren’t going to put me off. So an early morning walk was in order, albeit not very far as I only live a short distance away. I had a composition in mind and a quick look around the location confirmed to me that this was the shot.

Tripod set up, my Fujifilm XT2 camera mounted with an XF 55-200mm lens and LEE ND Filter attached and ready to shoot. I tried a few different compositions and focal lengths but settled on this one as my favourite. Achieving a level of separation between subject and background was key to me but ultimately getting the right angle for the composition without too much clutter in the background won the day.

I returned the following day and you guessed it… the frozen pond was no more!

Bye for now!