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Introduction to photography for beginners

Photography, capturing brilliant pictures, great innit! Sometimes you capture a good one, yay! but sometimes what you get is too dark or it’s too bright. Heck sometimes it just doesn’t match the scene or out of focus and blurry…… Do you feel disappointed and frustrated?

Well, don’t be afraid of your camera! – I can explain in easy to understand terms, the basics of digital photography, talking you through basic skills and techniques at your own paceto show you how to take the next step to be creative with your camera.

1. Starting with the basics: Part one of the workshop is starting from the basics of camera functions and handling, Covering all those lovely dials etc, apertures, Shutter Speeds, ISO to enable you to shoot with more confidence.

2. Cameras, lenses, equipment, accessories: Part two of the workshop would cover all those lovely toys… cameras, Lenses, Tripods and other equipment and accessories. What you need (and what you don’t), G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

The key skills we will cover:

Understanding your camera – controls, features and functions

Exposure – shutter speeds, apertures, ISO settings

Metering – Why cameras get it wrong!

Histograms – Understanding how to read histograms

White Balance – Choosing the right white balance

Composition – foreground, rule-of-thirds, creative compositions

Depth-of-Field – what is it and how can you control it?

Light – How light at different times of the day affects you pictures

Lenses Prime or Zoom – How to use different lenses

Filters – Different types, choosing the right filter, how and when to use them

Tripods – Choosing the right tripod (and head) and how and when to use them

Accessories – So many different types, choosing the right accessory for you

What camera do I need for this workshop? To get the most from this introduction to photography workshop you will need a camera with some manual functions such as P, S, Tv, A, Av, M This could be a DSLR, CSC (Mirrorless), Bridge or Compact camera.

What you need To bring: Bring your digital camera (as of above), your manual, a notebook and pen. Also lenses and any other equipment you would like advice on, not to forget yourself, a sense of humour and pocket money for a drink!

For most people the first steps into photography occur when they take snaps of family and friends. Steve will run through the digital cameras facilities and offer advice on equipment and techniques so you can make the most of your camera the next time you use it.

Workshop Dates:

12 August (private workshop)

December TBC

January 2018 TBC

Price: £55 per person.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Location: TBC

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